Airway Clearance Units, Oscillatory Intrapulmonary Percussion

Definition : Airway clearance units designed to perform high-frequency airway oscillation of the air column in the conducting airways by applying high-flow mini-bursts (similar to those provided by high-frequency ventilators) to the airway opening during both inhalation and exhalation. During these percussive bursts of gas a continuous positive airway pressure is usually maintained while the pulsatile percussive airway pressure increases. These units typically consist of a pneumatic powered device that provides the positive pressure and connecting tubes, controls, adapters, sputum cups, and attachments (e.g., mouthpieces, masks) for intermittent deliver of gas to the patient. The oscillation frequency and pressure are usually in the range of 6 to 30 Hz and 10 to 20 cm of H20 respectively. Oscillatory intrapulmonary percussion units make no attempt to breathe for the patient, the oscillatory pressure is layered on top of the patient normal breathing. Most units include or may be connected to nebulizers and to oral or endotracheal suction equipment. They are intended to shear mucus from the airway wall by oscillatory forces, to aid in mucus mobilization and expectoration, for treatment of atelectasis, and frequently to deliver nebulized medications.

Entry Terms : "Nebulizers, High-Frequency, Intrapulmonary Percussion" , "IPPV Units" , "Intrapulmonary Percussion Ventilation (IPPV) Units" , "IPV Units" , "Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation (IPV) Units" , "Oscillatory Airway Clearance Units" , "High-Frequency Oscillation Units, Airway"

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