Artificial Airways, Laryngeal Mask

Definition : Artificial airways designed for insertion through the mouth into the pharynx, producing a peri-pharyngeal seal while permitting the passage of oxygen to the lungs. These airways typically consist of a hollow, large-diameter curved plastic tube with a protruding rim (flange) at the proximal end and a mask with an inflatable cuff at the distal end. The lubricated mask is introduced through the mouth into the pharynx with the cuff deflated until it sits in the pharynx, then the cuff is inflated, producing a tight seal. Some devices can provide both pharyngeal and tongue sealing, but they usually do not protect the lungs from aspiration of regurgitated materials. Laryngeal mask artificial airways, both reusable and single use, are available in several sizes to accommodate the patient's anatomic characteristics. They are intended for administration of anesthesia during minor surgical procedures; the masks are also used for spontaneous and/or mechanical ventilation especially in emergency situations when endotracheal intubation is unsuccessful.

Entry Terms : "Airways, Laryngeal Mask" , "Laryngeal Mask Airways"

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