Canes, Fixed-Length, Offset-Handle

Definition : Canes using a single fixed-length shaft and offset handle designed to provide additional support and balance to the user while walking. These canes usually consist of a one-piece straight shaft with an offset handle at the proximal end, and a rubber tip at the distal end. They are typically made of sturdy materials such as wood (e.g., walnut), light metals (e.g., aluminum), plastics (e.g., acrylics), fiberglass, or a combination of these. Offset-handle fixed-length canes are mainly designed for use by patients with mobility disabilities to provide support and aid balance when walking. They are available with different offset handles (i.e., a crook-style handle featuring a flattened top for ease of grip and proper weight distribution, a saddle-shaped handle to allow for correct grip requiring minimal finger and hand strength, and a T-shaped handle for proper weight distribution.

UMDC code : 32023

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