Catheters, Peritoneal, Dialysis

Definition : Peritoneal catheters designed to infuse a solution (dialysate) into the peritoneal cavity that allows metabolic wastes and water to diffuse from the blood using the peritoneum as the dialyzing membrane. Most of these catheters are made of silicone and are provided with Dacron cuffs that promote tissue growth inside to seal the catheter, preventing pericatheter fluid leaks and bacterial penetration. Most of these catheters are percutaneously inserted for both permanent use or acute conditions, but some permanent catheters require surgical implantation, and other semirigid catheters may be used only for one-session dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis catheters are used in manual (continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis) and automated (continuous cyclic peritoneal dialysis) therapies. These catheters may also be used for intraperitoneal chemotherapy (e.g., pancreatic or colorectal cancer) and to eliminate fluid overload in congestive heart failure.

Entry Terms : "Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters" , "Dialysis Catheters" , "Moncrief-Popovich Catheters" , "Catheters, Peritoneal, Long-Term Indwelling" , "Catheters, Tenckhoff" , "Catheters, Dialysis"

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