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Definition : Chemical agent detection kits designed to test natural and/or processed water. These kits usually include detector tubes, reagents, an instruction booklet or cards, tube holders, and a plastic container. They are used to detect nerve (e.g., G series or VX) agents and/or blister agents, including mustard and lewisite. Some can also detect blood agents, including cyanide products such as hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen chloride. Typically, patches are wetted with water samples for nerve-agent determination and test containers are filled with water samples for blister and/or cyanide agent determination. Detection of agents is usually performed using colorimetric techniques. Chemical agent detection kits are used by healthcare workers, rescuers, and other personnel to determine whether a water supply is potable (i.e., drinkable).

Entry Terms : "Water Testing Kits" , "M272 Chemical Agent Water Testing Kits"

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