Dispenser/Melters, Paraffin

Definition : Dispensers designed to store and deliver an even flow of molten wax (i.e., paraffin). These dispensers are intended to be thermostatically controlled in a temperature range of 20 to 75 degrees Celsius (68 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit). Paraffin dispensers usually have a stainless steel outer casing; a clear plastic (e.g., Lexan) lid which permits easy monitoring of paraffin levels without contamination; and a reservoir filter screen which prevents foreign matter and/or clogs from blocking the delivery tap. They may also include heating elements for accurate regulation of the delivered paraffin. Also available are dedicated sterile paraffin dispensers used for tissue embedding in clinical laboratories; and dispensers intended for delivery of therapeutic paraffin (used by physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists and/or massage therapists).

Entry Terms : "Paraffin Dispensers" , "Dispensers, Paraffin" , "Paraffin Dispenser/Melters"

UMDC code : 15134

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