Drains, Wound

Definition : Drains designed to establish a channel for the exit of fluids (e.g., serum, blood) or purulent material from an accidental or, more commonly, a surgical wound that is not directly connected to an anatomic (e.g., abdomen, chest) cavity or duct (e.g., urinary, biliary). These drains usually consist of tubular, flexible, hollow devices; they are typically made of Silastic, polyvinyl chloride, or, less frequently, rubber. Wound drains may allow fluid to drain via capillary action into absorbent dressings (i.e., Penrose drains) as open drainage systems or may be attached to an external calibrated receptacle (especially when bloody drainage is expected after surgery) in a closed drainage system in which gentle suction is applied by compressing a springlike or bulblike device. Drains are placed in wounds when a large amount of fluid accumulation, which inhibits wound healing, is anticipated.

Entry Terms : "Wound Drains" , "Drains, Penrose" , "Penrose Drains" , "Drains, Incision" , "Incision Drainage Bags" , "Incision Drainage Reservoirs" , "Incision Drains" , "Medical Incision Drains" , "Wound Drainage Bags" , "Wound Drainage Reservoirs"

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