Electrodes, Neurologic, Convulsive Therapy

Definition : Neurologic electrodes designed to apply electrical current through the brain in order to induce a generalized seizure (i.e., convulsive therapy). These electrodes are typically flat in shape, one or two inches in diameter, and are used for superficial application to the head. The electrical current delivered from a power source flows through the brain between two electrodes placed on the head. The electrodes are usually placed above each temple, or one electrode is placed above one temple and the other is placed in the middle of the forehead. Hand-held electrodes or single-use adhesive gel-pad electrodes can be used. Convulsive therapy (also known as electroshock) electrodes are currently used to induce a grand mal seizure intended for treating various psychiatric illnesses such as bipolar disorders and severe depression in cases where antidepressant medication, psychotherapy, or both have proven ineffective.

Entry Terms : "Convulsive Therapy Electrodes" , "Electrodes, Electroconvulsive Therapy" , "Electrodes, Electroshock"

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