Information Systems, Data Management, Bar-Code, Medication Administration

Definition : Bar-coded data management information systems designed to build safeguards in medicine administration by verifying at the point of care that administered medications match provider orders. These information systems include a computerized device (e.g., a portable or handheld computer) with bar-coded label reading capabilities; the device can also interact with other (e.g., hospital, clinical pharmacy, provider order entry) information systems in the healthcare facility. Typically the bar-coded label on the patient's identification wristband and the one on the medication packaging are scanned; then the bar-coded medication administration (BCMA) system confirms that the administered medications match provider orders (i.e., that it is the right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, and right time). Systems specifically designed to ensure that the correct drug and concentration are entered into infusion pumps and that the pump's initial programming matches the provider's orders for a specific patient (i.e., automated infusion pump programming/verification systems) are also available. Medication administration bar-coded systems are intended to improve accuracy and safety in medication administration by minimizing errors.

Entry Terms : "Medication Administration Systems, Bar-Code-Enabled" , "Bar-Code-Enabled Point-of-Care Systems, Medication Administration" , "Bar-Code Point of Care (BPOC) Systems, Medication Administration" , "Bar-Code Medication Administration (BCMA) Systems" , "Pharmacy Management Systems" , "Pharmacy Computer Systems" , "Pharmacy Information Systems" , "Drug Information Systems" , "Clinical Pharmacy Computer Systems" , "Automated Identification Systems, Person/Asset/Pharmaceutical" , "Pharmaceutical Identification Systems" , "Pharmaceutical Security Systems" , "Pharmaceutical Tracking Systems" , "Bar-Code Automated Medication Dispensing Systems" , "Infusion Pump Programming/Verification Systems" , "Clinical Pharmacy Automation Systems" , "Medication Management Systems" , "Medication Dispensing Systems" , "Drug Dispensing Systems" , "Drug Dispensers"

UMDC code : 20698

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