Infusion Pumps, Blood/Solution Warming

Definition : Infusion pumps designed to deliver large volumes of blood, liquid medications, and/or other solutions through intravenous routes at pre-established accurate flow rates while warming the infusate. These infusion pumps usually consist of a pumping mechanism to move fluid from the solution container through the IV set to the patient. They also include an integral and/or attached warming unit to deliver the infusate at a temperature approximating that of the human body. Warming pumps also include controls used to select the dose, temperature, or volume to be infused; recording capabilities to register the actual infusion temperature, volume and rate; and audible and/or visual alarms to indicate abnormal conditions. Some pumps (known as "smart pumps") include software capable of detecting medication administration errors (i.e., dose error reduction systems) are also available. Warming blood/solution infusion pumps are usually intended for IV pole mounting; they are used mainly in hospitals, other healthcare facilities, and at home.

Entry Terms : "Infusion Pumps, High-Flow, Warming" , "Rapid Infusion Systems"

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