Infusion Pumps, Multitherapy, Ambulatory, Elastomeric, Single-Patient

Definition : Multitherapy elastomeric ambulatory infusion pumps designed for use in only one patient (i.e., single-patient) that are small enough to be worn or carried by patients and are designed for use in delivering liquids through intravenous, epidural, or subcutaneous routes from internal reservoirs at pre-established accurate flow rates. Single-patient elastomeric ambulatory infusion pumps usually consist of a mechanism (without any electrical or electronic components) that includes a balloon reservoir or membrane with an elastomeric layer; the pumps usually include a mechanical controller to regulate the flow of medicine. When the pump is filled, the elastomeric layer is stretched. During the infusion, as the elastic layer is constricted, the liquid medicine is delivered through dedicated infusion tubing and then to an infusion catheter or other infusion device (e.g., epidural catheter, subcutaneous injection/infusion port) and into the patient. Multitherapy single-patient elastomeric ambulatory pumps are usually programmed to deliver in continuous mode, although some units offer a bolus function. The pumps are used to administer analgesics, cytostatics, antibiotics, and some other medicines.

Entry Terms : "Single-Patient Elastomeric Ambulatory Infusion Pumps" , "Infusion Pumps, Multitherapy, Ambulatory, Single-Use" , "Single-Use Ambulatory Infusion Pumps" , "Elastomeric Single-Use Infusion Pumps"

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