Infusion Pumps, Multitherapy, Syringe

Definition : Infusion pumps designed to deliver relatively small volumes of liquid medications and other solutions through intravenous (IV), epidural, and subcutaneous routes at pre-established accurate flow rates (e.g., down to 0.1 ml/hour) with a syringe mechanism. These pumps usually consist of a syringe; a motor that drives a screw or gear mechanism that advances either the plunger or barrel of the syringe at a predetermined rate; electronic controls used to select the dose or volume to be infused; and audible and/or visual alarms to indicate abnormal conditions. In most pumps the syringe containing the infusate must be manually replaced once it has emptied to continue the infusion. Syringe infusion pumps exhibit good flow continuity even at very low flow rates, and are especially appropriate for neonatal, infant, and critical care applications in which small volumes of concentrated drugs are to be delivered over an extended period; the pumps are used mainly in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Some pumps (known as "smart pumps") include software capable of detecting medication administration errors (i.e., dose error reduction systems) are also available. Syringe multitherapy infusion pumps are usually intended for IV pole mounting and/or tabletop placement; they are used mainly in hospitals, other healthcare facilities, doctors' offices and at home; syringe pumps that are small enough to be worn or carried by patients (i.e., ambulatory use) are also available. Dedicated syringe pumps calibrated in appropriate units that are intended to deliver particular medications (e.g., insulin, oxytocin, anesthetics) are also available.

Entry Terms : "Infusion Pumps, Syringe, Oxytocin" , "Syringe Multitherapy Infusion Pumps" , "Microinfusion Pumps" , "Infusion Pumps, Syringe" , "Syringe Pumps"

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