Monitors, Physiologic, Electrocardiography

Definition : Physiologic monitors designed for continuous measurement and display of information of the electrical activity of the heart and its associated electrocardiogram (ECG). These monitors include a central unit with electronic circuits that can process a signal from the electrodes and display the numerical values, the ECG waveform. They can also perform other functions such as arrhythmia detection, ST-segment analysis, and appropriate initiation of visual/audible alarms. The bioelectric signals are obtained using detachable multileads (e.g., 3, 5-, 6 leads) and the associated electrodes that are usually attached to the thoracic skin. Some monitors may provide additional functions, such as 12-lead ECG monitoring and diagnostic interpretation. Hard-wired ECG monitors for use at the bedside and telemetric (typically wearable) monitors are available.

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