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Definition : Bedside physiologic monitors designed for continuous measurement and display of information of the electrical activity of the brain and the associated electroencephalogram (EEG) that can perform a computerized spectrum analysis and are hard-wired to the patient at the bedside. These monitors include a central unit with electronic circuits that can process a signal from electrodes that are usually placed on a patient's scalp and/or forehead. Spectral EEG monitors typically make a computerized spectrum analysis that separates the spectrum into its sine and cosine components (i.e., Fourier analysis). The displayed signal may include bar graphs, a compressed spectral array (CSA), or a density spectral array (DSA). Spectral electroencephalography monitors are used to facilitate the detection and evaluation of changes in the EEG signals. The monitors may be used as a component of a physiologic monitoring system that also includes a central station and/or auxiliary displays. Some intraoperative spectral analysis monitors can also perform a bispectral analysis, a signal-processing technique that provides an index which correlates with the degree of awareness of anesthetized patients.

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BioComp Research Institute

Company Type: Parent

The Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles (BILA) provides brain exercise through our leading neurofeedback instrument, Hemoencephalography (HEG). We understand HEG is an opportunity to improve general functioning of your brain; a precious and powerful asset.

Cadwell Industries Inc

Company Type: Parent

Cadwell recently debuted the Easy Ambulatory EEG and PSG system with the NEW patent pending Q-Video Mobile recording system – This new video recording system synchronizes video with ambulatory EEG and PSG recordings collected outside of the hospital. Patients can move freely while the Easy system hardware captures multiple EEG and PSG channels with time synchronized video to assist physicians in identifying events.

Electrical Geodesics Inc

Company Type: Parent

Improving neurological health is one of the key challenges of the twenty-first century. Electrical Geodesics Incorporated (EGI) has developed a dense array electroencephalography (dEEG)

Medtronic Inc

Company Type: Parent

At Medtronic, we're changing the face of chronic disease. By working closely with physicians around the world, we create therapies to help patients do things they never thought possible.

Natus Medical Inc

Company Type: Parent

Natus is a leading provider of healthcare products used for the screening, detection, treatment, monitoring and tracking of common medical ailments in newborn care, hearing impairment, neurological dysfunction, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and balance and mobility disorders.

1-5 of 5 Match(es).


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