Monitors, Physiologic, Multipurpose

Definition : Monitors designed primarily for simultaneous continuous or quasi-continuous real-time measuring and display of numerical data and/or waveforms of various physiologic conditions (e.g., respiration, invasive and noninvasive blood pressure, bioelectric signals) that are important to follow the health status of most patients. Some monitors can also display the parameters of critical care devices (e.g., anesthetic gases, airway pressure) utilized during patient treatment. These devices may consist of a tabletop or portable telemetric electronic unit that includes controls and a display showing the characteristics of the event under observation; the monitor may be connected to the line and/or powered by internal batteries. The main unit may also include appropriate attached probes and sensors that make possible the measurements of the parameters. The monitors are capable of measuring and/or recording the parameters of the event and alarm when one or more of the parameters under observation reach a value outside from a pre-established range. Multipurpose, multiparameter physiologic monitors are mainly intended for observation and checking of patients in areas where clinicians closely monitor patients and also in areas where patients require less intensive monitoring. Multipurpose physiologic monitors (e.g., bedside, telemetric) are typically connected to a central station physiologic monitor that receives, consolidates, and displays the information from several physiologic monitors; multipurpose physiologic monitors are usually components of a physiologic monitoring system.

Entry Terms : "Multiparameter Physiologic Monitors" , "Vital Signs Monitors" , "Multipurpose Physiologic Monitors" , "Physiologic Monitors, Multiparameter"

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