Prostheses, Joint, Knee, Patellar Component

Definition : Implantable prostheses designed to replace the surface of the patella facing the groove on the femur at the articulation point. These prostheses provide a partial substitution of the knee articulation; they typically consist of a solid plastic or metal/plastic cap with a flat side attached to the patella and the opposite gliding, convex side facing the femur groove. Patellar component joint prostheses are usually anchored to the patella using orthopedic cement (e.g., epoxy); they are used in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, as well as after trauma (e.g., fracture).

Entry Terms : "Prostheses, Knee, Hemi-, Patellar Resurfacing, Uncemented" , "Knee Component Prostheses" , "Patellar Components" , "Prostheses, Patellar" , "Patellar Implants"

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