Retractors, Surgical, Multipurpose, Handheld

Definition : Multipurpose surgical retractors designed to temporarily separate and/or hold back the edge of incisions performed in one of many different anatomic structures, exposing and providing access to other tissues, organs, or structures during surgical procedures that are held by the surgeon. These retractors usually consist of manual, handheld instruments available in a variety of shapes and styles typically including one or more sharp or blunt distal blades and a handle; the size and shape of the retractors depend on the anatomic structure to be retracted and/or the procedure to be performed. Dedicated handheld multipurpose surgical retractors are available for particular anatomic structures (e.g., skin edges, eyes, abdominal organs) or surgical procedures (e.g., plastic, ophthalmic, or orthopedic surgery).

Entry Terms : "Retractors, Hand Operating"

UMDC code : 13383

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