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Definition : Lumbar spine surgery retractors designed to temporarily separate and hold back fat and muscles that surround the lumbar spine, exposing and providing access to the lumbar vertebrae and surrounding anatomical structures that are appropriate for excision of one or more vertebral laminas and associated structures (i.e., laminectomy). These retractors are handheld, manual instruments available in a variety of shapes and styles, usually including blunt distal blades and an integral handle. some lumbar retractors include two blades and scissor-like ratchet handles that permit the retractor to retain the position once it is set (i.e., self-retained retractors), other self-retained retractors include two displaceable blades mounted on a rigid frame. Lumbar laminectomy retractors are used in open laminectomy procedures, usually to provide decompression of the nerves to avoid pain.

Entry Terms : "Retractors, Laminectomy" , "Lamina Spreaders" , "Laminectomy Retractors"

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