Scanning Systems, Ultrasonic, Cardiac

Definition : Ultrasonic scanning systems that include an ultrasonic scanner, transducers, cardiac analysis software, an image recorder (e.g., videocassette), and a printer. These systems usually produce sector images using mechanical or electronic transducer configurations. Many cardiac ultrasonic scanning systems include additional transducers for improving resolution and for increasing tissue penetration. Most cardiac ultrasonic scanners include continuous-wave and pulsed-wave Doppler capabilities for sensing the velocity and location of blood flow and can be operated in M mode and B mode (2-D), Doppler, and B-mode, color flow mapping, and triplex mode (simultaneous acquisition and display of 2-D gray-scale, spectral Doppler and color flow data). These systems are designed for real-time, noninvasive imaging of heart structures and are used to diagnose congenital cardiac defects (e.g., patent ductus arteriosus), to determine the extent of myocardial infarction, and to detect other abnormal conditions, such as mitral and aortic stenosis and insufficiency.

Entry Terms : "Echocardiography Scanners" , "Ultrasound Scanners, Cardiac" , "Scanners, Ultrasonic, Cardiac" , "Cardiac Ultrasonic Scanners" , "Scanners, Ultrasonic, Dedicated Linear Array" , "Doppler Devices"

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