Stereotactic Systems, Imageless

Definition : Computer-aided stereotactic systems designed to aid in the performance of minimally invasive procedures using a navigation system that is not guided by images (i.e., imageless) but by registering and tracking appropriate anatomic reference points (i.e., landmarks). Imageless systems provide real-time, three-dimensional (3-D) positioning and orientation of instruments relative to the patient's anatomy similar to the systems that use image-guiding. These systems provide surgical guidance without the need for pre- or intra-operative image acquisition, though registration is still necessary. Navigation is achieved by selecting specific anatomical parts or bone-implanted tracker pins intra-operatively as landmarks and using a reference pointer to create a reference frame for the computer model. Dedicated imageless systems are intended mainly to facilitate surgical procedures, but systems designed for other purposes (e.g., biopsy) are also available.

Entry Terms : "Landmark-Based Navigation Systems" , "Imageless Stereotactic Systems" , "Kinematic Navigation Systems"

UMDC code : 27309

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