Syringes, Bulb/Barrel

Definition : Syringes consisting of a hollow rubber bulb attached to one end of a plastic or glass barrel; the other end of the barrel may include a male tapering fitting (tip) designed to connect the syringe to a blunt needle. These syringes are used for irrigation and/or aspiration in otolaryngology procedures and/or external wounds; some bulb/barrel syringes are also used in aspiration/irrigation through catheters (e.g., urinary tract catheters).

Entry Terms : "Bulb/Barrel Syringes" , "Plungerless Syringes" , "Two-Part Bulb Syringes" , "Gastrointestinal Tract Aspiration Needles" , "Genitourinary Tract Aspiration Needles" , "Genitourinary Tract Irrigation Needles" , "Gastrointestinal Tract Irrigation Needles" , "Bulb Syringes, Two-Part" , "Aspiration/Irrigation Syringes" , "Syringes, Irrigating" , "Syringes, Aspirating" , "Syringes, Asepto" , "Irrigating Syringes"

UMDC code : 20312

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