Thermometers, Electronic, Thermistor/Thermocouple, Patient

Definition : Thermistor/thermocouple electronic thermometers with a digital display or analog meter, designed to measure patient body temperature. The probe and meter can be attached by a cable or integrated into a one-piece pencil-like unit. Some thermometers use the same type of probe for oral, axillary, and rectal sites, and others provide probes designated for particular uses (e.g., rectal, skin); disposable probe covers are typically used to prevent cross-contamination. These thermometers may display a final temperature after sensor thermal equilibrium (steady state) and/or a predicted final temperature value extrapolated from the measurement of the initial rate of temperature change. Patient electronic thermometers are used to take periodic body temperature measurements as primary diagnostic indicators.

Entry Terms : "Dermotherms" , "Thermometers, Electronic, Intermittent" , "Patient Thermometers" , "Rectal Thermometers" , "Armpit Thermometers" , "Axillary Thermometers" , "Oral Thermometers"

UMDC code : 14035

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