Topical Solution/Creams, Ear Cleaning/Wax Softening

Definition : Ear solutions and creams designed to facilitate cleaning the ear canal and/or wax removal. These solutions and creams may be based on natural oil (e.g., olive, eucalyptus, chamomile, lemon) or water (e.g., saline) solutions; they may also include additional components such aloe vera and/or other chemical products. Some products also include components (e.g., oxygen peroxide) that may reduce ear wax production and/or help in its disintegration. The product is available in liquid state for application of drops, in spray, and as a cream or gel.

Entry Terms : "Aural Topical Solutions" , "Cerumen Softeners" , "Cleaning Solutions" , "Ear Canal Topical Solutions" , "Ear Cleaning Creams" , "Ear Cleaning Drops" , "Ear Cleaning Gels" , "Ear Cleaning Ointments" , "Ear Cleaning Solutions" , "Ear Cleaning Sprays" , "Otic Topical Solutions" , "Wax Removal Drops"

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