Tubes, Nasogastric, Decompression

Definition : Nasogastric tubes designed for use with an external continuous low-suction apparatus to remove air and liquids (i.e., decompression and drainage) from the stomach. These devices may consist of a single-lumen tube typically connected to an intermittent low-suction pump (e.g., Levin tube) or devices consisting of a double-lumen plastic tube of 12 to 18 French diameter with side ports that is inserted through the nose, down the throat, through the esophagus, and into the stomach (e.g., Salem sump tube); they usually include an antireflux valve and may be connected to higher suction pumps. The smaller inner tube vents the larger suction-drainage tube to the atmosphere by way of an opening at the distal end of the tube. Decompression nasogastric tubes are used to remove air and liquids from the stomach, frequently after surgical procedures and/or in an emergency.

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