Tubes, Nasogastric

Definition : Tubes designed to access the stomach through the nose, nasopharynx, and esophagus for examination, treatment, or other purposes. These devices typically consist of a single-lumen rubber or plastic tube of 14 to 18 French diameter with circular markings that serve as insertion guides; the tube is inserted through the nose, down the throat, and through the esophagus; its tip is positioned in the stomach. Nasogastric tubes can be used to remove air and liquids from the stomach (decompression) by connection to intermittent suction units and as temporary feeding tubes; they are used frequently for very ill or comatose patients. Nasogastric tubes are intended only for short-term use; keeping in place for more than two weeks can cause nasal septum necrosis. Dedicated tubes used for decompression, both single- and double-lumen, and small-bore tubes intended for feeding are also available.

Entry Terms : "Tubes, Gastrointestinal, Other" , "Gastrointestinal Tubes" , "Nasogastric Tubes" , "NG Tubes" , "Tubes, Gastrointestinal"

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