Flowmeters, Blood, Electromagnetic

Definition : Blood flowmeters designed for invasive measurement of blood flow electromagnetically. These devices are based in the principle that when an electrical conductor moves through a magnetic field a voltage is induced on the conductor; in these flowmeters blood is the moving electric conductor, a catheter (placed in or around a blood vessel) with a magnetic probe provides the magnetic field, and electrodes are used to detect the induced voltage in the blood. The typical configurations is an electromagnet powered by an external power source and a C-shaped lumen (i.e., cuff) probe and a catheter with electromagnetic probes at their tips that are introduced into the vessels for intravascular instruments. Electromagnetic blood flowmeters mainly are intended to measure and facilitate the blood flow in vessels after coronary artery bypass, organ transplant, and other vascular reconstructive surgery.

Entry Terms : "Electromagnetic Blood Flowmeters"

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Medtronic Inc

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At Medtronic, we're changing the face of chronic disease. By working closely with physicians around the world, we create therapies to help patients do things they never thought possible.

UFI Corp

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UFI has been in business for more than 30 years on the California Central Coast. During that time, we have developed and built scores of different instruments for physiological research, both human and animal. Our research customers have ranged from NASA, which carried our Biolog data recorder into the depths of space, to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, which has deployed our data loggers on penguins diving below the Antarctic ice.

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