Transmitter/Receiver Systems, Telephone, Electroencephalography

Definition : Telephone transmitter/receiver systems designed to transmit and receive electroencephalographic (EEG) signals through telephone channels. These systems typically include at the transmitting site an electronic device (e.g., modem) that modifies signals from medical (e.g., external, ambulatory) devices such as EEG monitors or recorders and makes them transmissible through telephone lines. At the receiving end, another electronic device (i.e., the receiver) processes the incoming signal and provides an output signal appropriate for display on EEG monitors (e.g., central station), recording, and/or for further transmission and processing by healthcare information systems. EEG telephonic transmitter/receiver systems are typically used to send signals from patients' homes, doctors' offices, and/or remote locations to hospital and other healthcare facilities using standard telephone lines. Dedicated systems intended for single-channel and multi-channel electroencephalographs may be also available.

Entry Terms : "Electroencephalography Telephone Transmitter/Receiver Systems" , "Transmitter/Receiver Systems, Telephone, Electroencephalography, Single-Channel" , "Transmitter/Receiver Systems, Telephone, Electroencephalography, Multichannel" , "EEG Transmitter/Receiver Systems"

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BNI Solutions LLC

Company Type: Parent

BNI Solutions LLC was founded in 1986 as a developer and manufacturer of products for the broadband local area network market. Today, BNI is a leading provider of high-speed broadband wide area network services and interactive video applications that serve a wide range of functions, including distance learning, telemedicine and private cable TV.

Cadwell Industries Inc

Company Type: Parent

Cadwell recently debuted the Easy Ambulatory EEG and PSG system with the NEW patent pending Q-Video Mobile recording system – This new video recording system synchronizes video with ambulatory EEG and PSG recordings collected outside of the hospital. Patients can move freely while the Easy system hardware captures multiple EEG and PSG channels with time synchronized video to assist physicians in identifying events.

Pori Assoc Inc

Company Type: Parent

TZ Medical Inc

Company Type: Parent

TZ Medical's main focus has always been on innovation. It is through that innovation that we have developed our crucial products for the EP, cardiac, and critical-care departments. Over the years TZ Medical has built a solid reputation on listening to, and understanding, the needs of medical professionals. Our practice of "active listening" has resulted in the development of optimal solutions: delivering quality products that improve the purchaser's bottom-line.

1-4 of 4 Match(es).


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