Manometers, Muscle Compartment

Definition : Manometers designed to measure the pressure within a closed muscle compartment, typically in the foot, lower leg, or less frequently, in the forearm. Instruments for direct measurement of compartmental pressure typically consist of a dedicated desktop or handheld electronic manometer, a display, an extension tube set, an appropriate sensor/transducer, and a side-port needle (or, less frequently, a straight needle or an axially cut slit catheter) that is introduced in the muscle compartment to be measured to inject liquid (typically saline solution) from an integral syringe until stable equilibrium is obtained with the tissue fluid pressure. Manometers intended to measure compartmental pressure using continuous infusion techniques, which are based on small infusion pumps, syringes, tubing, and pressure transducers, are also available. Compartmental pressure may be also measured indirectly by equipment using other techniques, such as laser Doppler, nuclear magnetic resonance, and xenon scan.

Entry Terms : "Muscle Compartment Manometers" , "Pressure Measuring Units, Compartmental"

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