Chairs, Examination/Treatment, Obstetric/Gynecology

Definition : Examination/treatment chairs designed to facilitate obstetric and/or gynecologic examination, treatment, artificial fertilization, and/or minor surgical procedures. These chairs are typically adjustable to a height that allows the healthcare staff to perform procedures while standing. The chair usually includes head- and armrests, a reclining back that may be tilted from a vertical to a horizontal or near-horizontal position, and rotating capabilities (frequently up to 360 degrees) that facilitate examination and/or treatment. The chairs may be mechanically operated or hydraulic or electrically powered; some chairs can be programmed to several standard positions and/or have slow-motion capabilities to facilitate artificial fertilization procedures. Obstetric/gynecologic examination and/or treatment devices (e.g., colposcopes, vaginal specula) may be partially or completely attached as integral components of the chair. These chairs are designed to support the woman's body in appropriate positions during labor, delivery, artificial fertilization, and in other obstetrics and/or gynecology procedures.

Entry Terms : "Gynecologic Examination/Treatment Chairs" , "In-Vitro Fertilization Procedure Chairs" , "Insemination Procedure Chairs" , "Obstetric Examination/Treatment Chairs"

UMDC code : 28489

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Hill Laboratories Co

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Hill Laboratories is a formidable player in several treatment table markets worldwide. Their innovative product designs serve the needs of several medical, chiropractic and physical therapy disciplines as well as specialties like Dermatology, Podiatry, Endovenous Treatment, Vascular Diagnostics, Echocardiography and Wound Care.

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