Analyzers, Physiologic, Attention Level

Definition : Physiologic analyzers designed for use during the assessment of a person's attention level by means of an electronic unit that provides a series of tasks that the person under evaluation should perform. These analyzers consist of a visual display and/or sound system that provides the stimuli which should be recognized by the person; input devices (e.g., buttons, switches, keypads) to be operated each time a given stimuli is provided; computerized electronic circuits to analyze and record the response. and software to perform the analysis of the person's response. The analyzer also provides output signals that can be linked to computers or computerized systems and printers. Attention level physiologic analyzers are intended to evaluate a person's ability to obtain and sustain attention for a given period of time; they are used to help in the evaluation of attention deficit, hyperactive, behavioral, and/or other inherited or acquired neurologic disorders.

Entry Terms : "Attention Level Analyzers" , "Attention Level Recorders" , "Neuropsychological Test Analyzers" , "Neuropsychological Test Recorders"

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Ambulatory Monitoring Inc

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Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc. has been an industry leader for more than 35 years providing quality equipment to monitor physiological functioning in ambulatory subjects. The company's Inductotrace System continues to provide state-of-the-art monitoring of respiration; its Motionloggers were the first commercial actigraph devices available for long-term, continuous monitoring of the sleep/wake patterns of subjects in their natural environment; and the PVT Psychomotor Vigilance Task Monitor is the gold standard in reaction time measurement.

Gordon Systems Inc

Company Type: Parent

1-2 of 2 Match(es).


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