Recorders, Physiologic, Electromyography/Evoked Potential

Definition : Physiologic recorders that combine the capabilities of electromyographs (EMG) and evoked potential recorders. These recorders can detect, amplify, and record the electrical potential of skeletal muscle during muscular activity and also the brain bioelectric response (i.e., the evoked potential, EP) to visual, auditory, and/or somatosensory external stimuli. These recorders typically consist of signal amplifiers; filters (to suppress interference); memory (e.g., electronic, optical/magnetic disc); a loudspeaker; and a display; they also include detachable electrodes. Electrodes for myographic recording consist of surface electrodes placed near the muscle (or, for more accurate measurements, needle or fine-wire electrodes are placed within the muscle). For evoked potential measurements the electrodes are usually placed on the scalp and/or the skin over the spine. EMG recordings may be displayed as a graphic of the measured voltages versus time (an electromyogram). The use of the recorders for EMG are mostly intended to assess the functional ability of the peripheral nerves, helping in the diagnosis of neurological and neuromuscular disorders; recorded evoked potential data is used in studies intended to diagnose auditory lesions and sensory function abnormalities; they are also used for screening the auditory function in infants as well as the sensory function after trauma or in comatose patients.

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Cadwell Industries Inc

Company Type: Parent

Cadwell recently debuted the Easy Ambulatory EEG and PSG system with the NEW patent pending Q-Video Mobile recording system – This new video recording system synchronizes video with ambulatory EEG and PSG recordings collected outside of the hospital. Patients can move freely while the Easy system hardware captures multiple EEG and PSG channels with time synchronized video to assist physicians in identifying events.

Computational Diagnostics Inc

Company Type: Parent

Computational Diagnostics, Inc. (CDI) has been pioneering the field of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IOM) since 1988 by providing exceptional patient care. While our technology has changed over the last 20+ years, our commitment to our customers whether they be patients, surgeons, hospitals, or fellow neuromonitoring personnel, has not.

Medtronic Inc

Company Type: Parent

At Medtronic, we're changing the face of chronic disease. By working closely with physicians around the world, we create therapies to help patients do things they never thought possible.

Natus Medical Inc

Company Type: Parent

Natus is a leading provider of healthcare products used for the screening, detection, treatment, monitoring and tracking of common medical ailments in newborn care, hearing impairment, neurological dysfunction, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and balance and mobility disorders.

1-4 of 4 Match(es).


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