Catheters, Transtracheal, Oxygen Supply

Definition : Transtracheal catheters designed for efficient direct delivery of oxygen into the lungs, improving comfort, therapeutic compliance (e.g., relief of apnea), and activity status when compared with nasal cannulas. These catheters consist of either a percutaneously introduced tube that has a long intratracheal portion with multiple fenestrations or a tunneled silicone tube that is surgically inserted under local or general anesthesia and usually includes a shorter intratracheal portion. The oxygen supply is obtained from a stationary compressed-gas cylinder, a cryogenic liquid reservoir, or an ambient air concentrator; portable systems are available for ambulatory patients. Oxygen-supply transtracheal catheters are used for long-term oxygen therapy in patients with chronic oxygen-dependent respiratory failure (e.g., chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial fibrosis, diffusion defect).

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Halyard Health

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Instrumentation Industries Inc

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Instrumentation Industries, Inc. is located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, about 10 miles south of Pittsburgh. For over 40 years, we have been manufacturing plastic, silicone and metal products for use in the medical community. We are widely known for the variety, quality, and durability of our adapters, connectors, fittings and specialty products such as our Manual Jet Ventilator. We specialize in respiratory care products used for Emergency Ventilation, Ventilator Circuits, O2 delivery, Airway Management and Pressure Monitoring.

Transtracheal Systems Inc

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Clinical Research has shown that using supplemental oxygen 24 hours per day as prescribed by a doctor is the only way for the oxygen dependent person to truly achieve a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

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