Stimulators, Electrical, Spinal Cord

Definition : Electrical stimulators that apply the stimulus to all or any part of the spinal cord. These stimulators include an implanted lead/electrode system located in the epidural spaces of the spinal cord, attached to either an implanted passive electronic circuit into which energy and/or signals are inductively coupled from outside the body (typically at radio frequencies) or to a totally implantable self-contained stimulator that carries its own energy source and has no inherent dependence upon external devices. Spinal cord stimulators are used in analgesic treatments and also as adjuvant therapy for peripheral vascular diseases and refractory angina pectoris.

Entry Terms : "ESESs (Epidural Spinal Electrostimulatory Systems)" , "Epidural Spinal Electrostimulatory Systems (ESES)" , "Peripheral Vascular Disease Therapy Stimulators" , "Angina Pectoris Treatment Stimulators" , "Stimulators, Peripheral Vascular Disease Therapy" , "Stimulators, Refractory Angina Pectoris Treatment" , "Spinal Cord Stimulators" , "Dorsal Column Stimulators" , "Stimulators, Spinal Cord" , "Stimulators, Dorsal Column"

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