IVD Test Reagent/Kits, Immunoassay, Renal Metabolism, Angiotensin I/II

Definition : Immunoassay reagents intended to perform qualitative and/or quantitative analyses on a body fluid sample (e.g., serum) to determine the level of one or both of the vasopressor hormones angiotensin I and/or angiotensin II. Angiotensin I, a decapeptide, is produced in the blood by the hydrolization of angiotensinogen (previously produced in the liver) by renin; it is rapidly converted into angiotensin II, an octapeptide, by a circulating angiotensin-converting enzyme. Angiotensin II is a powerful vasoconstrictor that also stimulates the cells of the zona glomerulosa to produce aldosterone.

Entry Terms : "Peptidyl-Dipeptidase A Determination Reagents" , "Angiotensin I/II Determination Reagents" , "Reagents, Immunoassay, Renal Metabolism, Angiotensin I/II"

UMDC code : 19879

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Mayo Medical Laboratories

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Sterling Diagnostics Inc

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Sterling Diagnostics develops and manufactures clinical diagnostic reagents and supplies. We offer a full line of laboratory equipment and supplies to support you.

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