IVD Test Reagent/Kits, Molecular Assay, Infection, Fungi/Yeast, Candida Species, DNA

Definition : Molecular assay reagents intended to identify species of the genus Candida, a yeast-like species of imperfect fungi of the family Cryptococcaceae, by detecting specific genetic information of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of the target microorganism. Candida fungi are part of the normal flora of the skin, mouth, intestinal tract, and vagina; they may cause candidiasis, a mycotic superficial infection of the moist cutaneous areas of the body. The fungi may also infect the blood stream (i.e., deep candidiasis), especially in immunocompromised patients.

Entry Terms : "Reagents, Molecular Assay, Infection, Fungi/Yeast, Candida Species, DNA"

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