Carts, Storage/Transport, Washer/Sterilizer

Definition : Storage/transport carts designed for temporary storage and transport before, during, and after washing and/or sterilizing procedures are performed in automated machines. These carts usually consist of a sturdy structure made of metal, hard plastic, or a combination of these that can resist high temperature and/or gas sterilization, The structure is mounted on large wheels (typical diameter of 7.5 to 12.5 cm/3 to 5 in). The carts typically include fixed and/or detachable shelves and may include other attachments to facilitate loading of products to be sterilized. Washer/sterilizers carts are used during the process of removal of organic debris and/or killing of microorganisms that may be present in the cart; the process is typically performed in dedicated cart washers/decontaminators located in a central station of healthcare facilities; central supply carts such as those used for surgical case transportation may also fulfill the requirements needed for washing and sterilization in automated machines.

Entry Terms : "Sterilization Resistant Carts" , "Washer Resistant Carts"

UMDC code : 27920

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Distribution Systems International

Company Type: Parent

Our mission is simple: A single source selling competitively priced storage and distribution systems directly to healthcare facilities, backed by outstanding service and extensive product knowledge

McClure Industries Inc

Company Type: Parent

Del McClure, the founder of McClure Industries, is a veteran of the laundry industry. As a maintenance engineer he saw that no thought had been put into the design and manufacture of carts used in laundries. He recognized problems in design and construction: carts that couldn't hold weight without bulging, carts that were difficult to maneuver, and carts that caused back injuries from repetitive movement. He coupled his insight, engineering experience and his knowledge of fiberglass construction and developed the line of Sanitrux carts. McClure Industries can count several "firsts". The Spring Platform cart answered the problem of emptying heavy loads piece by piece. As the pieces are unloaded, the platform bottom raises, eliminating bending and decreasing the time it takes to unload a cart.

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