Infusion Pumps, Analgesic, Patient-Controlled, Ambulatory

Definition : Infusion pumps designed to deliver a predetermined amount of analgesic drug on demand (i.e., when requested by the patient) as well as delivering continuous pain control. These devices are small enough to be worn or carried by patients. To prevent tampering or diversion, PCA pumps typically offer a method of securing the controls and medication container, which is connected to a proprietary administration set. The administration set is connected to an infusion catheter or other infusion device (e.g., epidural catheter, subcutaneous injection/infusion port). Ambulatory PCA pumps are typically programmed to deliver in any one of the following modes: demand dose, demand dose plus continuous infusion, or continuous infusion; these pumps can also be programmed to deliver one-time doses (i.e., bolus doses). PCA pumps are designed with specific safeguards that restrict the amount of drug that can be requested and delivered over a specific period of time (e.g., 1 mg of drug every 6 minutes for a total of 10 mg per hour). The pumps allow narcotic analgesics (e.g., morphine, meperidine, hydromorphone) and fentanyl to be administered as needed by the patient while keeping the amount within the prescribed limits and preventing unauthorized access to the medication. The software inherent in the PCA pump is typically capable of storing cumulative data regarding number of doses delivered, date/time of each dose delivered, number of requests received, and total volume of drug delivered. Ambulatory PCA pumps are intended for patient control of pain by permitting self-administration of analgesics (i.e., patient-controlled analgesic pumps) within pre-established limits; most pumps can be attached to intravenous poles if necessary.

Entry Terms : "Patient-Controlled Analgesia Units, Ambulatory" , "PCA Pumps, Ambulatory"

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WalkMed Infusion LLC

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WalkMed Infusion LLC is a medical device company focused on the development and manufacturing of safe, reliable products. WalkMed products are designed to meet the growing needs of the worldwide healthcare market for high quality drug delivery. With distribution around the globe, WalkMed Infusion is dedicated to providing its customers with dependable, cost-effective solutions for infusion therapy. Our goal is to lead through rapid innovation, aggressive quality management systems and a passion for customer service.

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